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Aqua Serum


Welcome to the secret of Dewy and radiant Skin. It contains rich-mineral ocean water and marine collagen that keep skin hydrated and glowing.

This unique Korean whitening and lightening skin brightening serum immediately releases water drops to deeply and immediately moisturize dry skin. The mineral-rich deep sea water and moisturizing herb extracts in the water drops prevent roughness while brightening uneven skin tones.

Main Ingredient: Deep ocean water, aloe vera leaf extract, Marine Force RX

Check Various Effects of Aqua Rush System: 1. Skin Irritation Test Completed 2. Contain Mineral Rich Deep Ocean Water 3. Contain Marine RX Force to Deliver Moisture 4. Create Dewy Skin by Retaining Moisture in skin 5. Maintain skin's Balance of Oil and Moisture

BRTC's proprietary ingredient that vitalizes and comforts stressed, tired skin while adding a dewy glow for a healthy look.