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Charcoal Cleansing Oil

by Vprove
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POTENT MIX OF BLACK CLAY AND OLIVE OIL - This micro black clay and olive oil cleansing set is perfect for a day of self-care to give your skin the deep cleaning it deserves. Its natural ingredients make the perfect foaming solution for your face.

DEEP CLAY-CIAL THERAPY - Molecules in this micro clay cleanser binds with irritants in your pores for a more than refreshing exfoliation. It also helps control excess oil to help tighten pores for smoother skin for a relaxing spa-fresh feel.

HEALTHY OIL FOR HEALTHY SKIN - Once reserved only for royalty, our special blend of olive oil is now available to you! It binds with unwanted sebum and blackheads to help remove acne and other blemish for a even complexion.

GREAT FOR DAILY USE - Made of naturally occurring ingredients, this cleaning set is perfect for both fair and sensitive skin. It keeps your skin's natural pH in check while helping it tone evenly.

ON YOUR WAY TO PERFECT SKIN - Even as an intensive cleanser, this set is gentle enough for daily use without irritating your skin. With proper care, your skin will be rejuvenated - smooth and without blemishes.