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Fresh Mate Produce Saver & Food Preserver

by Uaru
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  • EASY TO USE - No preparation required! Simply take it out of the packaging and put it anywhere in your produce / food saver containers or produce bags to start working immediately.
  • LONG LASTING SHELF LIFE- Green bags for fruits and veggies stored with the Fresh Mate keep produce fresher longer by removing moisture and filtering the nearby air for up to six months.
  • KEEPS YOUR FRIDGE SANITARY - The Fresh Mate absorbs all excess moisture in your vegetable produce or salad keeper for fridge or crisper to prevent the growth of mold to keep your stored foods safe.
  • FRESHNESS ON THE GO - In lunch boxes, picnic baskets, or backpacks - put your Fresh Mate anywhere you want to save fruits and vegetables. Slip it into a portable container to have a crisp healthy snack whenever you go camping or hiking.
  • SAVE YOUR FOOD AND MONEY - When you use Fresh Mate by turning your drawers into a great berry and/or lettuce keeper instead of letting them go to waste, you are reducing your carbon footprint and food costs.