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H.D.P Photoready Tightening Charcoal Mask(5P)


Selfie-approved in 15 minutes.

Fear no magnifying mirror. This clarifying mask uses an advanced High Definition Perfection (HDP) solution to visibly blur away texture and imperfections on your skin. Shine-absorbing Binchotan charcoal gets up close and personal with your pores, while feather-light hydration illuminates and diffuses. Boosted with skin-energizing adenosine and pomegranate, itโ€™s your secret weapon for Insta-worthy skin โ€” no filter needed.

What's in the Mask

Binchotan Charcoal
Premium Binchotan Charcoal
Made from finely ground pure charcoal that's layered over a soft bamboo sheet. Charcoal reflects warmth from the skin as far infrared rays to activate and recharge while its absorbing properties pull out excess oil and impurities.