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🚚 FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50

Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel (Tube)

  • QUALITY GUARANTEED - Approved by the California Certified Organic Farmers organization, we promise that we use only highest grade of organic aloe in our products to ensure the best results.
  • BENEFITS OF ALOE VERA - The boons of aloe vera are almost too plentiful to count - known for its soothing anti-inflammatory properties, the enzymes also help exfoliate stubborn pores and bring a better balance to your skin.
  • EASY TO USE FOR AN EASY LIFE - With our tube style application device, you can control how much aloe you apply to any surface that needs its cool and soothing touch.
  • AVOID HARMFUL ADDITIVES - Rest assured that you do not need to worry about any harmful effects from substances like paraben, benzophenone, unconfirmed animal oils, mineral oils, and artificial colorings. This soothing gel is only made from the best of natural products.
  • HEALING NATURAL - Enjoy the multiple curative effects of this simple products, be it just treating nasty sunburns or beginning the restorative process for badly damaged skin.