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Laver Seaweed Roll Snack Pack (Pack of 2)

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  • SWEET AND SALTY - Each wheat cracker maintains a careful balance between the subtle sweet notes of vanilla and the briny salt of laver for blissful harmony.
  • LIGHT AND AIRY - These crackers are formed by spreading a thin layer of batter and folding it into a satisfying roll just as it becomes firm, creating a more delicate crunch and a more enjoyable flavor experience.
  • LESS GUILTY SNACKING - By using wheat flour instead of rice flour like other traditional Korean snacks, these crackers are more savory instead of cloyingly sweet with fewer carbohydrates and calories per serving.
  • AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Pack this resealable pouch to enjoy a quick snack to sate your cravings anytime, anywhere.
  • CENTER OF KOREAN CUISINE - Jeollanamdo Foods are all cultivated with all-natural practices, no artificial or chemical fertilizers.