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Marine Collagen Micro Cleansing Water

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THE POWER OF KLAVUU: We have Combined the Swedish word "Klar" which means Clear and the word "Vuu" which means "View" together into one distinct word that represents our internal concept of delivering your skin a clean, clear view!

MORE THAN A SENSATION, IT'S A PEARLSATION: Klavuu Skincare researchers developed the term Pearlsation, referring to our mission of providing your skin with a brighter, more luminous complexion. Because all our products contain pearls, (marked as pearl extract on the label), we carefully only select the highest grade Korean pearls.

UNLOCK THE MAGIC AND SHINE OF PEARLS: The Pearl, a symbol for shine, beauty, and glamour can provide so much more than to just be used as a jewel. BRIGHTENING: Pearl Powder known to help reduce dark sports and improve skin tone, reducing discoloration and naturally brightening the skin. MOISTURIZING: Conchiolin, the key ingredient of a pearl, helps skin stay hydrated and locks in moisture. FIRMING: Collagen, another element of the pearl, which can help naturally strengthen your skin's vitality.

THE PURE & SIMPLE TRUTH: Our PURE PEARLSATION line offers an effective array of options for facial cleansing that lets you efficiently remove excess make up, and oils which improves sebum and pore impurities as well as protects your faces gentle rich essence

MULTIFUNCTIONAL COLLAGEN MICRO CLEANSNG WATER: Our special formula provides you with a micellar liquid cleaning wash that helps not only with moisturizing, but also supplies toning with fermented water. Don't settle for normal makeup cleansing and toners that can possibly irritate your skin and not remove all the gunk, grime, and waste that builds up throughout the day, but trust a facewash designed to soothe and refresh as it eliminates and lifts out dirt.