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Natural Witch Hazel Face Toner

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유통기한 : 04/18/2021 *Final Sale*

SKIN RELIEF - ALL IN ONE: Cut your skincare maintenance routine in HALF with the combined effects of a cleanser, exfoliator, toner, and moisturizer in one simple step. Get rid of excess oils (sebum), acne, dead skin cells and dull appearance with Mother Earth's greatest natural remedies like Aloe Vera, Rose Water, Tea Tree, Green Tea, Andiroba Oil, Jobs Tear, Adenosine, and Niacinamide.

RARE INGREDIENTS FROM DEEP WITHIN THE AMAZON RAINFOREST: Andiroba Oil can only be derived through painstakingly hand-collecting, drying and pressing seeds from Amazonian trees. Over hundreds of years, Amazon natives have used the oil for its anti inflammatory relief & accelerated wound healing effects by penetrating deep into the skin's lipid layer and providing potent protection from the inside out.

REDISCOVER TRULY SUPPLE SKIN HYDRATION: All 37+ Trillion cells in your body need water to survive. Aquaporin is the water delivery system that provides moisture and manages your cellular balance. ForestHeal's Witch Hazel Toner activates Aquaporin to enhance your skin's natural hydration levels while retaining more water, resulting in truly moisturized, beautiful skin--unlike the temporary, outer effects of lotions or creams.

POWERFUL ANTI-WRINKLE & WHITENING DUAL EFFECT SKIN TONER: Niacinamide and Adenosine help safely eliminate wrinkles and fine lines while revitalizing your face's natural radiance. You're naturally beautiful, and to preserve that, Forest Heal makes absolutely sure all harmful, unnatural chemicals aren't included. Rejuvenate your skin's beauty without Talc, Urea, Ammonia, Surfactant, Paraben, Oxybenzone, Benzyl Alcohol Triclosan, or BHT.

ALWAYS NATURAL, 100% VEGAN, COMPLETELY CRUELTY FREE: Forest Heal prioritizes using only the best, all-natural, organic, naturally derived ingredients straight from our planet. Our products are all cruelty free certified, meaning we NEVER test anything on animals.