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Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

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  • USDA ORGANIC - Ocean Breeze is sourced from Boseong, South Korea plantations known for its organic growing and handling methods. The quality of our soils, handling of our crop, and product quality are certified organic by the USDA. Our matcha organic green tea is meticulously stone-ground into a fine powder free of additives, artificial coloring, or artificial flavoring. The colors, flavors, and aroma are all-natural, non-GMO, and USDA certified organic in Ocean Breeze Matcha Green Tea Powder.
  • STRICT FOOD SAFETY (Certified by the FSSC 22000 & South Korean Heritage System) - For Ocean Breeze, the standards for food safety is very serious for us. Our Matcha Tea is manufactured under the Global Safety Initiative standards and our tea leaves are 100% organically grown and sourced from our plantation registered under South Korea's Nationally Important Agricultural Heritage System and progressing towards the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems.
  • WORLD RENOWN TEA FROM SOUTH KOREA - Enjoy matcha tea sourced from the ocean plantations of Boseong, South Korea. Each leaf is hand-picked and immediately hand-dried to avoid fermentation and tart notes. Boseong's unique environment allows for flavors that you can only find from Ocean Breeze thanks to the ocean-enriched soil and the natural shade from the heavy rainfall and fog. With 1,600 years of experience growing tea, our matcha tea is crafted with respect to quality and the tea lovers alike.
  • RICH FLAVOR - Enjoy smooth, organic matcha green tea and avoid the bitter flavor of lower-quality matcha. Ocean Breeze Matcha powder has a rich, sophisticated flavor that's creamy, aromatic, and full-bodied with a subtle, sweet taste and a bold, deep green color. The rich environment found only in the ocean plantations of Boseong, South Korea develops a unique aroma and flavor that you will not find from other tea sources.
  • ALL NATURAL SUPERFOOD AT A VALUE - Ocean Breeze Matcha is an organic source of Vitamin C, fiber, amino acids, natural caffeine, L-Theanine, and a potent class of antioxidant not found in other foods known as catechins. Ocean Breeze contains 20% more organic matcha green tea powder compared to competitors of a similar price.