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Power Booster Fat Burning Workout Cream - Original

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  • POWERBOOSTER: The original powerbooster workout cream heats up the applied area, relaxing the muscles for a faster warmup while also promoting sweating to increase calorie loss.
  • CELLULITE TREATMENT: This quick-absorbing formula helps burn fat and blocks cellulite formation. All you need to do is massage the cream into areas with extra fat.
  • ANTI ODOR: Power booster leaves a refreshing fragrance that masks the smell of dust and body odor so that you can enjoy your workout without distractions.
  • CERAMIDE: Powerbooster also is made with ceramide, which is a natural component of your skin that moisturizes and recovers damaged skin.
  • FEEL THE BURN: The fat burning cream applies a heating effect almost immediately that warms up your muscles for exercise without leaving any oily and/or sticky residue.