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Pure BB Sun Cushion [SPF 35]

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PURE BB SUN CUSHION MADE OF UV BLOCKER BB CREAM: 100% Inorganic UV blcoker BB cream makes the skin moisturized and bright, effectively protects skin from the sunlight
PURE BB SUN CUSHION COVERS SUN BLOCKER ON THE SKIN SURFACE: Inorganic UV protector that reflects UV ray covers blocker over the skin surface, reflects UV ray effectively
PURE BB SUN CUSHION CHANGES DULL AND DRY SKIN INTO LIVELY TONE: Bright beige color BB cream naturally covers blemish and makes the skin tone brighter
PRODUCT FORMULATION: Soft creamy beige color UV blocking BB cream. You can press the button to emit needed amount for clean use.
NATURAL PURE BB SUN CUSHION THAT FITS YOUR OWN SKIN TYPE: Universal color that fits the user's own skin type, tones up naturally.GAONDODAM PURE BB SUN CUSHION, Broad Spectrum Sunscreen UVB/UVA SPF 35, PA+++ Soft 100% UV Blocker BB cream application with pad, Brightens and Moisturizes (12 g / 0.42 oz)